Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

The Rise of NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs in the market, are fetching big slices of cake from the market – futurists, financial reporters, and investors with big and small companies are now launching NFTs for publicity, profit, and sometimes both. These present a certificate of authenticity in the virtual world that takes the definition of ownership to the next level. 

On a bigger scale, most of the NFTs make a portion of the Ethereum block chain. It is a kind of a cryptocurrency just like dogecoin or bitcoin, but the block chain also supports the NFTs that help store extra info, which makes them function a whole lot different than other block chain currencies. It is good to note that other kinds of block chains are able to implement their versions of the NFTs.

What Do NFTs Include?

NFTs include anything digital – music, drawing and whatever form of creativity that your brain was able to download and turn into AI – but there lies a lot of excitement about using technology for selling digital art. 

In simple terms, digital currency is the actual form of money, including NFTs, which is able to be stored in an online account, or an app on your device you use. The digital currency value gets fluctuated on online exchanges like Coinbase. The extreme price swings are negative trend for people who seek investment options that involve low risk. 

However, there lies a piece of good news surrounding digital currencies as well – these are actually not possible to get counterfeited. Bitcoin, for instance, depends on a shared public account termed as the block chain that utilizes modern cryptography to make sure the currency is genuine. A block chain makes the process of hacking quite difficult as every transaction gets recorded over a decentralized and huge network of ledgers. So, this way, the attackers will have to control a big share of it in order to do any kind of damage. 

The Fame of Non-Fungible Tokens

These are not to be exchanged with each other easily. One instance that we observe includes artworks. Digital artworks get sold on the block chain for millions of US dollars, with no exaggeration. In recent times, a famous NFT artist on Beeple got to sell 21 artwork pieces on the Nifty Gateway digital marketplace, which totals up to $3.5 million. What’s more, he also placed his artwork at auction for sale “The first 5000 days” for about double of the last sale, which makes $6.5 million. 

This pouring money is not just for the artwork in the world of non-fungible tokens. NFT is expanding the horizons via selling different digital sports trading cards too. What’s more, an interesting fact accounts that the basketballs fans spent approximately $230 million through trading the popular NBA top shopping cards. These were present in a limited quantity and showed special moments of that sport – a thing real sports fans get interested in. 

The ownership and the scarcity of these cards are insured pretty well by the Ethereum block chain. For instance, a Lebron James highlight was sold to someone for a grand $200,000. 

The Uniqueness of NFTs 

There are a lot of different aspects of NFTs – just like its complexity in terms of getting exchanged, but among the many properties that they have is that they are able to get copied. A digital file in a normal condition is able to get copied a lot of times. However, these tokens make a version of your work that cannot get copied by anyone. It means you get to have full ownership of your work. There are copyrights and reproduction rights you can own. For explaining this in simple terms, consider this – anyone is able to purchase a specific art print. However, with the help of the laws, only the creator will have the original work. 

NFT Availability

There are a lot of marketplaces that we see coming up offering NFTs as the medium for purchasing. These enable us to make trading using the digital forum with no exchangeability and better security. Such marketplaces include Rarible, Nifty Gateway, Grime’s Choice, and OpenSea and these are just the popular ones. 

NFTs actually came to be true when they had the support using the Ethereum block chain as the piece of the advanced standard. Among the first uses of it in the field was the CryptoKitties which was the game that allowed the players to trade virtual kittens. 

Future of Market with NFTs 

The best thing about the rise of NFTs is that different artists with skills in the digital arts will have compensation for the work that they do. It was something they were struggling with for a long time. It comes as a piece of positive news for a lot of people as we check that artists have a lot of hurdles when there is a concern for the monetization of their work.  Digital art with the nature of it and its ability to get reproduced, makes it conventionally impractical to get profitable for the creators who had worked so hard in making them. Now, digital artists will be able to get the true essence of their efforts with the digital platform, all because of NFTs. 

Every bitcoin comes with the same value at the same time – but this is not the case with the NFTs. We can think of it as the digital version of an authenticity certificate that gets stamped publicly through the block chain. 

Final Word

Some are spending a lot of their investments in the new marketplace in the hope for the value to reach sky-high. Some investors, on the other hand, are getting them for only publicity as a way to join the trend. Some of the NBA proponents, for example, say that a lot of the video highlights that it sells are viewable at all times – but they like to belong to the special community online, making the opportunity for an investment like NFTs to soar in price.