Technology That Changes Our Lives

With the advances of technology forever developing the world around us, how have we as humans been changed by technology?

The access to information on a global scale now sits at our fingertips, we on average are a multi-device society with several tech-enthusiasts owning not just a smart-phone, but a smart-watch, a tablet and even utilizing technology at home in the latest ‘smart-home’ trends which makes it seem impossible to “disconnect”. This heavy reliance can seem like a dark pit that we’ve all fallen into, or as most of the world see technology, a way that we have all made our lives easier and much more fun and agile.

Let’s begin with communication. Long gone are the days where you would need to pull out a pen and write a letter, which would then need to be posted and the appropriate outlet, taking days and in some cases weeks to get a message across. Now, instant messaging is faster than it has ever been with messages being able to be delivered in real time. In many cases outweighing the importance of text messaging and classical multimedia messages (which used to come at an extensive price), we are now able to message freely with the aid of the internet and a smart device.

This evolution of communication is particularly great for exchanging information. News outlets are able to now spread news faster than ever before, through the power of Tweeting. It is stated that over 5,000 tweets are shared per second. A huge amount of information in a very small amount of time.

Since there are so many technologies evolving it is hard to keep track of what is plausible these days. The world wide web sees over 3 billion users globally, which is close to half the population – and over 2 million smart phones are sold around the world DAILY.

It seems as a society, contrary to technology being the demise of our health and well-being, we’re much healthier nowadays. To those who use fitness trackers and general smart devices checking and tracking your daily physical activity we have become more conscious of how we treat ourselves. The access of information also helps us to improve our diets and work out any concerning health issues we may face on a daily basis. Have you searched for any natural remedies in your lifetime to avoid taking medication or going to the doctor? You’re not the only one!

Others could argue that technology has made us lazy! Most users in the western world have a food ordering application or easy access to fast food via their mobile devices. We can do so much more in such a shorter period of time, but maybe we’re being counter-productive?

One thing is for sure, from the architecture we see, the military that protects our nations, the way we treat ourselves in regards to being healthy, the ways we communicate in record speeds and break down language barriers with the use of applications, there is no denying that world around us has benefit thoroughly.