Transitioning To Cloud Based Systems

Increased revenue, decreased costs and increased customer satisfaction – the goals of all businesses

Does this sound familiar? If not, then the chances are you’ve yet to migrate to Cloud computing, and although these benefits may seem too good to be true here’s a breakdown of the top benefits that we can embrace by opening the doors to cloud computing.

Improved IT Management

Technology professionals have evolved in parallel with emerging business technologies. Long gone are the days of which technology professionals were simply hired to maintain server infrastructure and troubleshoot IT Assets. Nowadays it is essential for those working in the field of technology to help companies leverage the latest technologies and develop new business applications to benefit the whole organization, not just a particular department, but the entire enterprise.

Greater Accessibility

Productivity isn’t the only benefit attached to cloud computing, but accessibility is increased throughout the entire organization by allowing staff access data and applications from any location, from virtually any device. This means there is no down time when you are traveling or missing out on key information when you are out of office.

Greater Collective Insights

Cloud services and applications are being improved by the day, and with each update you move in parallel with the latest benefits. As these are shared resources, you also benefit from other users’ trials and errors, their successes and setbacks and their collective innovation. It is more efficient to learn from the mistakes of others than to repeat them yourself.

Continued Delivery

The idea of continuous delivery is to shorten the length of time between the development of new functionalities and the point where it becomes available to the end user. When software is hosted in the cloud, it is much easier to deliver the new functionalities to the user. This is enabled by the fact that different machines do not always share the same software locally. The cloud thus provides a far more efficient delivery, boosting customer satisfaction and one step closer to the end goal.

Mergers And Acquisitions Made Easy

M&As can be a time for the upmost excitement in organizations as they present growth opportunities, facilitate expansion and make an overall larger impact. What would usually take mergers months or even years to complete (as data migration and time it takes to move resources) has often made mergers a slow progression. This would be a thing of the past, as the cloud facilitates easy access to business systems from both ends, allowing accessibility and procedures to maintain and transition at full speed.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Last but not least – It is often noted that running data centers onsite, consumes a huge amount of energy. Larger enterprises have exclaimed large electricity bills from their onsite server infrastructure alone. However, cloud technologies enthuse data storage systems that do not consume more energy than required and can be scaled down to any sized enterprise.

As we take a step forward into 2019, it is no secret that transitioning to the cloud opens up a series of beneficial avenues and with new emerging technologies it is pivotal to take this ‘leap of faith’ to ensure business development.

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