Voice Interface Technology

While artificial intelligence is quickly succeeding in encompassing all sectors of life, it does not stop getting more diversified with time. Voice interface technology applications like Alexa and Cortana have found their ways to integrate into large businesses like Amazon and Microsoft, and this is just the beginning of how this technology is going to change the way people are going to perceive the business.

What is Voice User Technology?

Based on Voice User Interfaces, the technology uses Speech Recognition to allow people to interact with devices without the need to use input devices such as a Mouse, Keyboard, or even a touch screen. These are built to perform a myriad of functions that range from playing music to ordering fast food without needing a waiter.

Applications for Voice Interface Technology

This technology can be integrated into a multitude of applications, and there are many existing examples that reflect well the success of these. Fitness and wellness apps, eCommerce sectors, social applications, Internet of Things, and entertainment apps all are incorporating this highly functional interface to significantly improve user experience.

Benefits of Voice Interface Technology

  • Speed: all you have to do is use your voice to enter data, and its efficient system will recognize it immediately, giving you time to do other things. 
  • Intuitive Control: this has to be one of the best advantages as you use Voice Interface Technology. Without the need to give extra commands to the device using other input tools, you can use your voice and get the job done. This is why it is going to become quite helpful among older generations who find it difficult to use gadgets.
  • Ease of Use: your hands have to stay busy while you use the conventional media for entering data or giving command to your device. However, using Voice Interface Technology, you can do whatever you want while giving commands to your device through your voice, something highly appreciable for multitaskers.

Are There Any Red Flags?

Not everything solves 100% of problems we face, and Voice Interface Technology is no exception. Voice Interface Technology exempts a user out of privacy, as you are using your voice, you are audible to people around you, and they get to know what activity you are doing. The same inconvenience applies to office settings that make it difficult for you to convey your message clearly. It will create confusion among the people around you. So, while you are thinking of using this technology as the only way of entering your data in your device, you should first consider the place and the environment where you are aiming to use this technology.

Although the technology still has a capacity for improvement, its advantages outweigh its glitches, and this is the reason why this technology is becoming so popular in the business sector, especially in the customer end. With time, we will be seeing this technology paving its way to a lot more applications to make our lives easier and more functional.